About Us

CA State Capitol

The Committee consists of members elected from each of the county’s Supervisorial Districts, as well as the Democratic Incumbents for The House of Representatives, State Senate, and Assembly representing San Benito County. Currently, we have our Central Committee meetings on the 1st Tuesday of every month. All registered members of the Democratic Party are welcome and encouraged to observe. Students are welcome!

Please call or e-mail for location.

San Benito County Democratic Central Committee Members are elected every four years on the Presidential Primary Ballot.

Central Committee Members:

Chairman: Gregory Rivera
Vice-Chair: Kathi Stirling Morris
Treasurer: Carmel de Bertaut
Secretary: Su Burke

District 1: Kathi Stirling Morris

District 2: Seth Capron, Su Burke, Emmanuel Nelson

District 3: Robert Rivas

District 4: Joanna McMahon, Carmel de Bertaut, Lisa Marks

District 5: Gregory Rivera, Jennifer Marquez, Robert Groeling, Monica Quiroz-Rivera


CDP Region 7 Director, Omar Torres

       Assistant Director, Peter Ortiz

Ex Officio Members

Jimmy Panetta, House of Representatives, District 20

          Alternate Representative, Chenoa Summers

Anna Caballero, California Assembly, District 30

Shawn Bagley, Senate District 12 Candidate


Contact us: sbcdemocrats@gmail.com